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Williams Holdings Global is a conglomerate of businesses and investments built, owned, and cultivated by author and serial entrepreneur Fred T. Williams. With headquarters in Plano, Texas, these businesses stretch across various industries such as education, business services, media production, advertising, fashion, and lifestyle.

The Fred T. Williams Brand is a socially conscious digital empire founded by writer, life coach, solutionist, and serial entrepreneur Fred T. Williams. Our mission is to build strong brands and even stronger people. We accomplish this through THE CONVOS PODCAST with Fred T. Williams, our various shows and vlogs on FredTV, live events and seminars, working 1-on-1 with clients, as well as our online learning center and group coaching community Better Greater University.

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Hope Aaron Publishing is a literary publishing company that specializes in making unheard voices heard. It is the brain-child of author Fred T. Williams. To date, Fred has published 4 books, consulted on the publishing of more than 10 books, and has already assisted other authors in publishing their literary works. We believe that everyone has a unique story to tell, and at Hope Aaron Publishing we do just that…help them be heard.

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Cambridge Real Estate Investments LLC is a real estate investment company based in Plano, TX. Our focus is putting our clients and owners first! We provide high-quality solutions to your real estate needs. Whether you are looking to get top dollar for your house or trying to sell off an inherited estate, we can serve you.

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4Parks Entertainment is a privately held entertainment and production company founded by serial entrepreneur, writer, poet, singer/songwriter, and life coach, Fred T. Williams. The company houses departments in music, touring, concert production, and music publishing; as well as a record label, 4Parks Records.

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The Black Amber Group is a multinational business conglomerate founded by serial entrepreneur Fred T. Williams and health and fitness expert, Victoria Stark. The company has brands that span home, lifestyle, personal care, health, beauty, and real estate to name a few.

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Just Because International Inc. is a global nonprofit organization which exists to bring light into darkness, help as many people as possible, to alleviate human suffering, and to bring hope to those often forgotten.

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Williams Media Network is a multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate based in Plano, TX. The company has divisions in news and sports, podcasts, web series, television/film, and streaming shows.

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FREDERICK Co. is a privately held omnichannel specialty retailer of apparel and accessories for men, women and kids. Named after its Founder, CEO, and Chief Designer, Frederick T. Williams, this fashion house embodies the essence of its name: powerful peaceful diligent ruler. This soon to be iconic brand is poised to make its debut in the Spring of 2023 with its first drop.


Legacy Financial Consultants is an agency designed to promote financial literacy and teach wealth-building strategies to the average individual. From credit repair to investment strategies, LFC exists to empower families to win through strategic planning and intentional execution.

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Allure Elite Travel is your go-to travel agency with a clear focus on customer service. We offer complete vacation packages. With the ability to craft and customize vacations to just about anywhere in the world and for almost every type of traveler, Allure Elite ensures your experience is priceless.

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